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Docs Made Easy Release Notes - October Update 1.10.2

We constantly strive to amplify your document generation experience by updating the platform for optimum usability and efficiency.

In the latest release, you will find new features, fixed issues, product enhancements, and new syntax structures in parameters to support your advanced document generation needs.

Here is a summary of what has recently been updated!

What's New In 1.10.2 Version

This release has some Key changes in old syntax and table syntax. We have updated the syntax across all docs formats in the platform

  • Accounts brief
  • Sales proposal
  • Client Letter

Note: The new version supports both the new syntax format and the previous syntax structure

Major Syntax Updates

There has been a change in the basic syntax.

Earlier the syntax followed was {!ObjectName.FieldName}. In the new version, the syntax has been changed to


Here is an example of the new syntax



Table Start

The updated syntax for this parameter is

{{TableStart:DatasetName}} {{FieldName}} {{TableEnd:DatasetName}}

{{TableStart:DatasetName}} {{FieldName}} {{TableEnd:DatasetName}}

Table Group

Additionally, we have a new Table Group feature that will efficiently group data based on a specific field within the detailed data.

Here is a look at the syntax of the grouping parameter



Query Data With TableGroup Start

With this functionality, when users initiate a query with the TableGroup Start feature, the output not only retrieves records but also incorporates a header field, enhancing the presentation of the displayed information.

Here is the Syntax to adopt to run this query

{{TABLEGROUPSTART:QueryData1:LastName}} {{LastName}} {{TABLEGROUPEND:QueryData1:LastName}}

{{TABLEGROUPSTART:QueryData1:LastName}} {{LastName}} {{TABLEGROUPEND:QueryData1:LastName}}

Note: To learn more about the updated syntax, refer to the parameter document Download Docs Made Easy Parameters

While the platform continues to support both new and old syntax, we strongly recommend using the new syntax for an improved document generation experience.

Bug Fixes

Activity logging

Known Issue:

The activity logging feature didn’t function properly


Fixed now. The activity logging feature works smoothly

Activity Logging Preview

Email Document Templates

Known Issue:

Email preview functionality had operational issues in the last version


Minor bug fixed. Now Users can preview the email template before sending emails.

Email Document Templates Preview

Product Enhancements

We’ve implemented performance optimizations that improve Docs Made Easy’s speed and power, allowing you to take on more complex projects.

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