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Docs Made Easy Release Notes - February Update 1.13.0

We constantly strive to amplify your document generation experience by updating the platform for optimum usability and efficiency.

This update is more than a feature boost; it’s a personalized enhancement to your workflow. In this major release, Docs Made Easy integration with Sign Made Easy, a robust Salesforce signature application, enables users to capture digital signatures effortlessly, transcending their document generation experience to a whole new level!

Here is a summary of what has recently been updated!

What's New In 1.13.0 Version

Major key changes in the setup page ( Assign Behaviour page), offering new functionalities for enhanced experiences for digital signatures, email, and query generation.

  • Newly added functionality Add sign parameter (Assign Behaviour page)
  • Search bar for the email template on the (Add Template page)
  • Other Parameter on the (Assign Behaviour page)
  • Email subject parameter on the (Assign Behaviour page)
  • Data Preview using SOQL query

Note: Docs Made Easy now supports e-Signing documents, right from Salesforce.

All New Parameters Feature On The Setup

Add Sign parameter

  • Capture Digital signatures effortlessly with the new Sign Parameter.
  • Simply add the required sign parameters and they will be automatically added to the button URL for collecting e-sign on the document.
  • Add Standard recipients or Custom recipients.

Search Bar For Email Templates

New Search bar Feature enables added users to find email templates with ease.

Other Parameter on the Assign Behavior Page

By using the newly incorporated Other Parameter feature, you can add any parameters and these parameters will be added to the button URL.

Subject Field in Email

V1.13 supports a new addition of email Subject field in the Email parameter, allowing users to choose the email subject right from the assign behavior page.

SOQL Query Preview

Execute custom queries, enabling them to retrieve specific results tailored to the requirements. SOQL Query preview functionality provides users with a flexible and dynamic means of accessing data within the system.

Here is an example:-

First, enter the Salesforce ID of an appropriate record into the pv0,pv1,… field, along with all other values, and then click Preview to test your query.

Bug Fixes

Query builder UI

Known Issue:

In the earlier version, the UI would appear a bit cluttered.


In this version, this has been fixed and the UI is now neat and organized, providing a visually pleasing experience.

Template editor (Insert image)

Known Issue:

In earlier versions, the Insert button wouldn’t function properly.


This issue has been fixed and images can easily be uploaded from the Insert image.

Product Enhancements

We’ve implemented performance optimizations that improve Docs Made Easy’s speed and power, allowing you to take on more complex projects.

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