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Docs Made Easy Release Notes - January Update 1.12.0

We constantly strive to amplify your document generation experience by updating the platform for optimum usability and efficiency.

In the latest release, you will find new features, fixed issues, product enhancements, and new syntax structures in parameters to support your advanced document generation needs.

Here is a summary of what has recently been updated!

What's New In 1.12.0 Version

This release has some key changes in the setup page ( Assign Behaviour page), offering improved experiences for email and query generation.

  • Add a query parameter on the setup page (Assign Behaviour page)
  • Create a query without an Alias name.
  • Adding Email parameter on the setup page (Assign behavior page)
  • Sending Emails through the composer

All New Query Parameters Feature On The Setup

With the new Query Parameters Feature added on the Assign Behaviour page, users can straight up add parameters on the behavior Settings page and they will be included in the button URL.

New Document Query Pop-Up

A new pop-up has been introduced to understand the document query feature in detailed way.

Bug Fixes

Alias Creation for Document Query

Known Issue:

In all the previous versions of the app, adding an Alias was mandatory for creating a document query.


In version 1.12.0, users are no longer required to create an Alias name when generating document queries.

Email Parameter Functionality

Known Issue:

The email functionality in the assign behaviors page would not function properly and could not be used for sending emails from the setup page.


Users can now add the Email Parameters like EmailToId, Additional To, CC, and BCC in the setup page to send emails directly from the composer page.

Further, the Email dropdown feature on the composer page is also fixed in this version, allowing users to send emails directly from the composer page by selecting Email in Actions.

Product Enhancements

Apart from the major bug fixes and new features, the application has been optimized for speed and performance.

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