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Docs Made Easy Release Notes - December Update 1.11.0

We constantly strive to amplify your document generation experience by updating the platform for optimum usability and efficiency.

In the latest release, you will find newer enhancements in Text Editor, adding persona and branding to your documents.

Here is a summary of what has recently been updated!

What's New In 1.11.0 Version

This release has some key changes in the Template Editor, allowing for more personalized branding in your documents.

  • Text Editor improvement (Insert images, Page Break, Header, Footer)
  • Insert Fields page – UI Improvements
  • Button to apply Header And Footer on remaining pages

Major Template Editor Updates

Supports Images In Document Templates

  • Make your documents more personalized and impactful with images within document the template.
  • Supports Both Copy + Paste and Manually Image Insertion.

The supported image formats for inserting images are PNG, JPG, and JPEG.

Add The Page Break

Take control of where a page ends and where a new one begins in your Document Template with the new Add the Page Break feature in the app and ensure a smooth flow and professional finish.

Header & Footer For Remaining Pages

Customize your document more by adding the same Header & Footer for all the remaining pages.

With a single click apply the functionality on multiple pages.

  • Select the “Use first page header for all pages” to apply on header.
  • Select the “Use first page footer for all pages” to apply on footer.

Bug Fixes

Enhancements in Insert Field UI

Known Issue:

Previously, users faced navigational issues while selecting fields on the Insert Field page, leading to potential errors in field selection.


In Version 1.11.0, this issue has been fixed. The UI is now enhanced by incorporating background colors that provide a clear visual indication of the fields selected. Navigating and selecting fields on the Insert Field page is now more visually appealing and user-friendly.

Product Enhancements

We’ve implemented performance optimizations that improve Docs Made Easy’s speed and power, allowing you to take on more complex projects.

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