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Docs Made Easy Release Notes: June Update 1.21

As we constantly strive to elevate the document generation of every user, we have come up with another update.

With the recent June update v1.21, Docs Made Easy opens new possibilities and has become much more significant, as it contains essential changes and improvements to further assist you with creating your documents.

What's New In 1.21 Version

This update brings you a Live Chat that will help you with any issues you may encounter in generating documents. Also, we have had some bug fixes and updates; for instance, the bugs that involved the Email Icon fix, the enhancement that relates to the name of the application so that it will be clearer to the people, “Find a sample record” that has been removed, among others.

1. Chatbot Integration in the application

With the integration of Chatbot in the application, document creation and management queries that previously would force end-users to search for it can now be answered on-demand. No matter what you require help– there is our Live Chat support for you, which is immediate and round the clock.

Major Enhancement

App Name Change

Gaining access to Docs Made Easy and making use of it has even become easier. The former name of that app was «Hic Docs Made Easy» but now it has been changed to «Docs Made Easy» so the users will easily recall the platform.

Bug Fixes

The latest version of Docs Made Easy has key improvements that include:

Email Icon Issue

Known Issue:

Previously, instead of the email icon, the document displayed the name of the app, which caused user confusion


This problem has been addressed, and the correct icon of the email is displayed on the concerned document, ensuring clarity among users.

Redirect parameter

Known Issue:

BGM Mode is ineffectively synchronized with Redirect Parameter, which means that when a document is downloaded, the users will not be redirected to the main screen.


The Redirect parameter has been synchronized effectively with BGM Mode. In the newer versions, upon downloading of the document, users are redirected to the main screen.

Obsolete Features

Find a Sample Record Option on Add Solution Detail:

Using this option would add hassle to the document automation process and is not relevant to document creation

Upload Template Page:

This page has been deprecated as it is of less importance and the document creation process is somehow slowed down.

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